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The UK and US stock markets have been hitting new highs in recent months, but the story underneath is more complicated. 

Shares that drove the performance of global equity markets in recent years, typically, global consumer brands, have started to underperform relative to the stocks that do better when global growth and inflation are picking up. 

The revised growth and inflation expectations have been driven largely by the comments of Donald Trump, but can investors rely on the rhetoric becoming reality?

And can the extra fiscal stimulus proposed by the US government triumph over the uncertainties that rattle though the global economy, including uncertain political environments in the UK and Europe, and the slowdown of the Chinese economy. 

In this free guide:

  • We explore the outlook for some of the largest companies on global markets
  • We examine the outlook for the emerging markets
  • We look at sectors such as Technology, which have been a source of growth for some time, can that continue?  

This guide looks at the big trends that are moving the share prices of global companies, from the politics, to interest rate movements, changing consumer habits and the rise of technology. 

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